Monday, June 1, 2009

Launching the NEW Power Negotiator Toolkit

Complete Negotiation Training Solution in a Box
A 9-CD Set Learning Program, Key Verbal Phrases, Questioning Techniques, plus much more!

Utilizing Poor Negotiating Skills in Today's Tough Economic and Competitive Business Environment Means Businesses and Consumers Are Giving Away Thousands of Dollars … and People May Not Even Realize It!

Today's troubled economy and challenging business environment have created a critical need for all people to improve their negotiating skills. Nothing affects the bottom-line profitability of any size of business or personal outcomes more than developing good negotiating skills.

Negotiating is an essential life skill. We are negotiating every day in our personal and social lives, and especially in our business lives. Every time we communicate with another person, there is the potential to be negotiating.

We are negotiating all the time for new jobs, house purchases, rentals of apartments and condos, purchases of automobiles, appliances, furniture, and consumer electronics, mortgages, credit terms, determining what household chores to perform and what restaurants to patronize on a weekend – just to name a few.

Most people negotiate based on their instincts and that the majority of people have no formal education or training in the art, science, and sport of negotiating.

That's why everyone needs to purchase The Power Negotiator Toolkit. It is an essential resource for everyone, in all walks of life.

I'm not a big fan of books on the topic of negotiating. Books are not as effective at transferring skill as an audio learning program. Books usually only addresses various theoretical and academic concepts and principles. Most books covering the topic of negotiating are written on the basis that the other side will respond exactly the way we want them to during the negotiation; however, most of us know from our own personal experience that people do not respond exactly the way we want them to in a negotiation.

The Power Negotiator 9-CD Set will teach you not only what to say – but also how to say it. Our Power Negotiator Toolkit provides people with the most effective overall personal development solutions that will help them achieve the improved results and outcomes that they are looking for.

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